Short Nails will be the trend you want to catch on in 2022!

Long nails aren’t necessarily fashionable right now, but they’re all over Instagram. The trouble isn’t worth it for those claws. How can anybody get anything done when their nails are this long? Everyone has brought up many questions: Do you know how to send an email? What is the process of sending a text message? What method do you use to remove your contacts? On the other hand, long nails are far too difficult for most people. Simple short nail designs often get bad press for being stubby or not as cute as long nails, but it all depends on the nail art style you use on them.

Furthermore, even if short nails aren’t as popular as they once were, they may still be stylish. Certain nail patterns appear to work better with a shorter length than longer ones. You still don’t trust us? We combed the Internet for 22 of the most eye-catching, simple short nail designs we’d ever seen.

Checkers in Pastel Colors

Replace the black in a conventional checkerboard pattern with a pastel blue Gingham pattern that brings the summer-country aesthetic.

  • French tips in pink

French tips in pink

A French manicure can be worn in a variety of ways. If you want a more traditional style that also works on short nails, start with a nude foundation and then add a sliver of pink to the tops of your nails for a delicate flush of colour.

  • Stripes of Glimmer

Stripes of Glimmer

Begin with a neutral or bare base, paint a faint colour as an abstract tip, and end with a single shimmering stripe down each nail for a sleek and simple (but still spectacular) manicure design for short nails. It’s simple to keep up with but stylish enough to wear to a formal function.

  • Camouflage Print

Camouflage Print

Another unanticipated possibility in simple short nail designs is this glossy camo version with dark blues and dramatic black and white pops.

  • Manicure with Leopard Print

Manicure with Leopard Print

Leopard print doesn’t have to be limited to your clothing—these lovely patches may also be seen on your short nails.

  • Marble in the colour of yellow

Marble in the colour of yellow

This yellow manicure is not only an excellent choice for short nails, but the marble design is so fresh and unusual that it will have people looking twice at your fingers.

  • Mickey Mouse by Walt Disney

Mickey Mouse by Walt Disney

If your passion for your favourite childhood characters has been reignited thanks to Disney+, how about this beautiful Mickey Mouse design for your simple short nail designs?

  • Delicate Leaves and Metallic Green

Delicate Leaves and Metallic Green

Leaf stencils shine out on contrast nails for a quirky finish, while a metallic green base provides an air of seasonal happiness.

  • Pink with two tones

Pink with two tones

A modest yet stylish approach to spice up your simple short nail designs? Instead of just one colour, use two tones of the same hue on your nails. It gives a short nail appearance a nice depth.

  • Neon Pink and Yellow

Neon Pink and Yellow

If you want to indulge in the multi-colour trend slowly, start by painting one of your nails a different colour; faint neon colours will suffice!

  • Short nails with a smiley face design

Short nails with a smiley face design

This design is just what you need to get through the day. How could you not grin every time you glance down at beautiful nails?

  • Plaid Orange

Plaid Orange

Try this pattern on your short nails to go with your plaid skirt and a plaid pattern. The splash of colour is vibrant and eye-catching without being overbearing.

  • French white

French white

If you believe a French manicure necessitates extra-long nails, think again. You can make a trendy French manicure that looks great on short nails by employing slender lines.

  • Paint splotches in Art Deco

Paint splotches in Art Deco

Short nails are attractive with unusual colour combinations, including cobalt blue, bubblegum pink, silver, and white.

  • Rainbow


Not only can colourful rainbows offer a visual element to short nails, but they also embody the trend of negative space.

  • Leaf buds of Palm

Leaf buds of Palm

If you can’t lie beneath the palms, having them on your tips is probably the next best thing, right?

  • Y2K with a starry sky

Y2K with a starry sky

On short nails, the combination of light pink and deep burgundy, together with a sprinkling of eye-catching stars, looks lovely.

  • Foil in Burgundy and Gold

Foil in Burgundy and Gold

The addition of gold foil accents to a simple burgundy motif elevates it significantly. Make the pattern your own by adding a dab of gold to each nail.

  • Negative Space in Glitz

Negative Space in Glitz

This dazzling negative space design is perfect for a party. Tape the lines to keep them tidy, then add as much glitter as you like.

  • Angular Lines

Angular Lines

Add dimension to your nails with some nicely placed lines for a trendy and minimalistic look.

  • A mixture of half and half

A mixture of half and half

If you can’t decide on which hue to use. It’s fine to use both and paint in half-and-half vertical areas.

  • Stripes in a Cranberry Color

If you’re not quite a pro at nail art, go for a mid-level look like these dramatic two-tone stripes. They’re simple to make—just grab some crafty tape and get to work. You may also use this trendy and easy appearance with whatever colour combination you like.

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