7 Best Alternatives of Expensive Designer Outfits for Women

Nobody’s denying the uprising prices of designer outfits and that is making it almost impossible to purchase dresses as per your desires. 

Designer outfits are becoming a trend each day and of course, I don’t like to treat myself with anything less than a trendy dress. When especially all my friends are good and well enough with their dresses, bags, jewelry, sandals, and everything. 

So, in this article, I am going to share the 7 best alternatives of expensive designer outfits for women that every one of you will love. Once you get to know them there is no going back because they are super smart and (in)expensive.

Top 7 Expensive Designer Outfits

Expensive Designer Outfits

  • Learn How To Sew And Create Your Own

Learn to sew and create your designer clothes. My friend did a fashion course in her high school and now we together design expensive designer patterns. Morphing the sweatshirts into something desirable is the best inexpensive wear we create and enjoy the designer outfit. 

Another altered way is to buy regular clothes and have them altered to look like designer wear for you. Trust me this will save you hundreds of dollars and look no less if you did the right adjustments. One of my friends even used to alter regular outfits with designer patterns and make money out of them.

  • Rent An Outfit

Clothes that are long resting in the back of your cupboard do not have value in our lives. But there might be someone who is longing for that outfit to wear on their next occasion. And vice versa for you. Fashion comes and leaves, and the outfits are so expensive that we do not want to throw them a zero% return. 

Here’s a wonderful idea to rent out your clothes and get another for you on rent. Renting, instead of lending will keep you bringing money and getting exchanged for other outfits. Ultimately, that reduces carbon, waste, and water footprints. 

Didn’t like the idea of renting, then invest in a good designer piece that you love wearing again and again and for years to come.

  • Budget Brands For Women

You can list down the best-budget-friendly brands for women that are still top in quality and low on prices. Splendid makes great t-shirts for women, in a variety of colors. Alternative and Topshop are adored by many women for quality at easy prices. For the blouses, you will hear from Vince Camuto, BB Dakota ASTR the Label, Cupcakes and Cashmere, 1. STATE, and Rebecca Minkoff. 

Treasure and Bond and B offer on-trend casuals that are easy on prices and amazing in quality. One more similar brand is Joe Browns which can save you money buying designer clothes.

For the winter season, Nordstrom’s exclusive line, Halogen, is making affordable sweaters, mufflers, and other winter accessories that look expensive. Other than that, BLANKNYC and articles of society are the must-haves for trendiest jeans, that are way pocket friendly. Last but not the least, you can find a great variety of inexpensive blazers at J.Crew, Zara, Topshop, Halogen, and Vince Camuto.

  • Get The Similar From Fake Brands

One of the amazing hacks is to not spend on designer brands, but get the same clothes from fake brands. Most people do this, and they don’t care because it is not obvious of course. Fake brands are not too noticeable so one should be careful while looking for one. 

Many people think buying expensive clothes is a waste of money and they also mention that they don’t understand people who spend so much money on designer wear. For that, fake brands have come forward to help maintain the trends while they won’t break the bank. 

You can easily find fake brands on Aliexpress.com, Dhgate.com, wholesaleclearance.co.uk, and Amazon.co.uk. These sites help you find the trendiest designer clothing at affordable prices. 

  • Find Something At A Thrift Store

There are great choices available for you on eBay. Where people have put their old clothes that are branded, on sale and you pay a little less than actual to get one for yourself. 

The problem occurs multiple times, the picture and the actual piece you receive are different from each other, and it doesn’t look like what you viewed online. 

Some people feel good in only fashionable pieces, and second-hand pieces satisfy them because that is helping their pockets. 

You can also find many online boutiques that are creating and sewing look-alike designer clothes and selling them at lower than the actual price tags. 

There are occasions when you want to treat yourself with designer fashions only, you can find a pair of nice pants, a designer bag, or your most wanted top.  

  • Search For It On Amazon

I do suggest if you are a fashion freak. If you like trying new trends, take the time to search for Amazon. If you type in the keywords, you usually find the product with expensive prices, but yes in the ‘recommended for you section, there will be similar outfits at cheaper options.

Amazon brings you a variety of products at a wider price range. You can find multiple quality outfits at different stores. Must go through the reviews box so you can get a little idea of how the product has been received by other customers. If there are bad reviews, switch to another store.

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  • Barter With Your Friend

You are a die heart fan of designer outfits and you do not like dressing up in anything less than that. Here’s a quick and easy solution. Let’s say you have a close friend who is having a similar situation, she too is looking for alternatives to designer outfits for women. You can switch dresses and wear them on different occasions where any spy couldn’t tell you if it’s your friends.

This will save you half of your money each time you shop and it could be the beginning of a great friendship. Because sharing is caring and it is a sign of love and affection. 

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